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Carpet Cleaning



carpet cleaning santa rosa


Capet Cleaning Santa Rosa, CA - Why Choose On the Spot Chem-Dry?


Santa Rosa Carpet Cleaning - Cleaning Away the Holidays

Santa Rosa carpet cleaning changes by the season, and winter is now upon us. The winter months can be the most hazardous months on your carpet. If holidays and game day activities don’t leave their mark on your carpet, darkened high traffic areas will. Winter Santa Rosa carpet cleaning is now made easy with the help of On The Spot Chem-Dry. Our carpet cleaning company is one of over 3,500 Chem-Dry franchises worldwide. We have highly skilled technicians, proven cleaning methods, and innovative equipment to offer the Santa Rosa area.

Carpet Cleaning Santa Rosa

Carpet Cleaning in Santa Rosa will clean away winter deposits in all of its varieties by carrying out our primary cleaning solution. Our necessary cleaning solution is called The Natural ® which is made up of ingredients copied from Mother Nature. This natural cleaning solution leaves your winter trodden carpet feeling clean and fresh again. Chem-Dry’s process makes use of tiny effervescent bubbles which penetrate the carpet fiber, eliminate dirt and stains quickly, and act as tiny propellants that actually lift dirt to the surface for removal. We know you will just love the loads of benefits and specials that On The Spot Chem-Dry has to offer.

Santa Rosa Carpet Cleaning Service

At On The Spot Chem-Dry we care about your time and well-being, and that’s why we are proud to announce our 1-2 hour dry times. Most carpet cleaning companies take a whole day for their product to dry. Our Santa Rosa carpet cleaning service gives your carpet a deep clean with The Natural ® while only taking two hours to dry. We understand that life has its unexpected moments, so don’t stress! Call Chem-Dry today for a quick, detailed, and easy Santa Rosa carpet cleaning. Also, if you want to further protect your carpets for the future, think about our Protectant ® application service. Protectant ® is a product we use to guard your carpet from spills. If an accident happens after Protectant ® is applied, it will make it much easier to wipe up stains before they set in. For a carpet cleaning better than any other call On The Spot Chem-Dry.

carpet cleaning santa rosa