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petaluma carpet cleaning

January 29, 2016


Carpet Cleaning Petaluma - How to Check Your Carpet

The first part is easy, just take a good look at the carpeted areas in your home. A good tip to check to see if you need carpet cleaning is to observe the carpeted areas around entrances. Can you observe a noticeable difference between the color of this carpet when compared to carpet that receives less traffic? If you notice a dark change in color, then it’s time to get a Petaluma carpet cleaning provided by On the Spot Chem-Dry. If you distinctly notice discoloration, it’s better to hire a certified carpet cleaning company instead of trying to clean it yourself. Other areas of possible concern are the carpeted areas in a family room around the television or couch. As you compare your carpet, you probably realized that winter left some serious damage. Don’t worry, now is a perfect time to check your carpet, and On The Spot Chem-Dry is more than willing to clean your carpet the right way at an affordable price.

Petaluma Carpet Cleaning - Drying Your Carpet Faster

We can understand the time that can go into a carpet cleaning appointment, but our superior service is here to help with that process. For example, our Petaluma carpet cleaning service dries faster than other cleaning companies. Your carpet will take only 1-2 hours to dry, so drop the kids off at school, call Chem-dry, and enjoy a clean carpet when they get back; it’s that simple. Your health and the health of your family is our top priority, and that's why our Petaluma carpet cleaning service is superior to the others. Our cleaning solution is safe and non-toxic, leaving your family feeling Drier. Cleaner. Healthier. ®

Carpet cleaning in Petaluma is now made superior by the affordable carpet cleaning service offered by On the Spot Chem-Dry.


December 24, 2015


petaluma carpet cleaning



October 1, 2015-What's hiding in your carpets?

While carpets provide warmth, comfort, and charm to our family homes here in Santa Rosa and surrounding areas, they also have a number of germs and bacteria. Although carpets can happen to look clean, they are secretly home to numerous of dirt, germs, and allergens. For that reason, it is essential that homeowners take care of their carpets and have them professionally cleanedregularly.

Carpets typically retain several causes of allergens, including pet dander, cockroach allergens, lead, particle pollution, and everyday dirt and dust. The toxins can be caught deep while in the carpet and can be released through everyday activityincluding vacuuming and walking on the carpet. While these allergens may not be visible to homeowners, they can still be the source of unpleasant health issues and allergy symptoms. Vacuuming and routine cleaning are helpful in maintaining cleaner carpets, but they are simply not enough. Getting your carpets cleaned by a professional service is good for countless reasons.

With the wide array of commercial cleaning services accessible, it can be surprisinglyfrustrating for homeowners to settle which solutions will be ideal at cleaning their carpets. Moreover, it is additionallycritical to be knowledgeable about which items aresafe for use on specificvariations of carpet. A qualified carpet cleaners such as Chem-Dry will take the guesswork out of cleaning as they are very knowledgeable in the certain products needed to address your cleaning needs. You can rest secured that Chem-Dry will use only those products that are going to besafe and effective for cleaning your carpets. And Chem-Dry provides a much quicker drying time than other types of professional cleaners. Not only is this more useful for homeowners, but it cuts down onthe likelihoods for mold growing.

If you are shopping around to get the most from your carpet cleaning, take into account hiring On the Spot Chem-Dry to get the job done best. A professional service can give your carpets the greatest clean possible, leaving your carpets fresh, healthy, and free of bacteria and allergens. The initial step to a clean and healthy home is clean carpets, and Chem-Dry can provide just what you need.